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I won’t stop to explain why this Local Web Portal will be closed shortly.

In the termination of this company, it comes naturally to me to talk about the people who followed and neighboring countries and to all the people who supported me in this professional path.

I wholeheartedly thank my husband, Marco, who helped me in the realization of the Project, supported in all my choices, supported in difficult moments and above all he endured me!

The most sincere thanks go to all of you who have followed and supported the Local Web Portal, my Followers and all the people who have visited the Site at least once.

I continue my thanks to friends, Marco, Roberto and Pierluigi who contributed to the creation of the Local Web Portal and with their patience gave me the opportunity to learn how to use IT tools.

A special thanks goes to my Accountant, Simona and her Team, for the patience they have had over the years in responding to my countless requests.

Thanks also goes to my customer who believed in me.

Thanks also to those who made it possible to publish their Events … we hope there will be more soon!

To the people who have taken a cue from my site, a tip: hard work is the real characteristic of a good harvest!

And finally … I thank myself for having had the stubbornness, to get involved … Working and starting to study again, themes that I never imagined I would be able to deepen.

In Life there is always the possibility to choose





What is the Local Web Portal

The Web Portal is a container of local Companies and Services, inserted in a single site. In the Local Web Portal an advertising synergy of Activities and Services is created.

Because I created the Local Web Portal and neighboring countries

I believe that our towns and people’s values ​​are an immense resource that is disappearing. The Local Web Portal is a way of technological dissemination to advertise companies and services without losing sight of traditions.

Why choose the “Advertising Service” in the Local Web Portal

  • Behind every company there are people who live their daily lives. People who have a private life, must manage their business and make their life pleasant. I thought that this Local Web Portal can help to give visibility to their Activity.
  • is the Local Web Portal on the Platform and is translated into English. In the short time he gained a good reputation.
    The Local Web Portal Guidonia and Neighboring Countries is a set of Sector Companies, Promotions, Service Information, Cultural Events and interactive Blog, which informs the User of the Internet at 360 ° to get to know the Territory better and visit it with enthusiasm.
  • Creativity, seriousness and determination are the winning mix that allows the local web portal of Guidonia and neighboring countries to offer their customers competitive advertising.

My philosophy is “Advertising is the Energy of Commerce”. The Advertising Service in the Local Web Portal is responsible for the insertion of Personalized Advertising for Companies that sell products and services in the sector of: renting rooms for events, crafts, agriculture, pub-wine-bar-wine shop, nursery-florist, dairy and oils -frantoi.

By visiting our “Directory” will find the answer to what you’re looking for, experiencing the towns that are near you! The return to genuine life, outdoors, hike or just buy the crops from our land, he will make you a happier person and attentive to the environment!

Your Company is Special … rely on the Local Web Portal! !

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