Case Rosse

 ASL (Regional Health System)

In this link you will find information and addresses regarding: primary care open on Saturday and Sunday pre-holidays and holidays.


There are not Hospital


Farmacia Case Rosse – Dott. Ginaldo – Via Castropignano, 12 – Tel. 06 4131956


There are not Cinema

 Dance Club

There are not Dance Club


Tenuta del Cavaliere Nature Reserve – Via Tenuta del Cavaliere


There are not Theater


There are not Library


There are not Museum

Veterinary Clinic

There are not Veterinary Clinic

Veterinary First Aid

Prenestina Veterinary Clinic – Veterinary First Aid – V.le Agosta, 17 – 06 21807806


There are no Municipal Gyms


Service Atac – Line 040 – Line 043

See link Atac

Neighborhood Markets

There are no Neighborhood Markets

Consumer Services

There are no Consumer Services

 Women’s Shelter

There are no Women’s Shelter

 Fire Fighters

Vigili del Fuoco – Tel. 115


Polizia Locale Roma Capitale –   Tel. 06 67691

Polizia di Stato –

Carabinieri – Non sono presenti Caserme dei Carabinieri

Telephone for emergencies 112


There is not Cemetery

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