Fonte Nuova

 ASL (Regional Health System)

In this link you will find information and addresses regarding: primary care open on Saturday and Sunday pre-holidays and holidays.


Nomentana Hospital Poliambulatorio – Largo Nicola Berloco, 1

View the link


In this link you can find all the timetables and addresses of the Pharmacies



There are no cinemas

 Dance Club

Shock Disco – Via Nomentana, 678 – Tel. 348 5675710 – Open Saturday from 11.00 pm

Municipal Radio broadcaster – Council Chamber – To listen to music wherever you are go to the link:


There are no theaters


There are no libraries


Tourist Information Office Fonte Nuova – Tor Lupara Km 5,3

Veterinary Clinic

There are no Veterinary Clinics

Veterinary First Aid

Prenestina Veterinary Clinic – Veterinary First Aid – V.le Agosta, 17 – 06 21807806


There are no municipal gyms


Cotral – See link

Atac – See link

Pampanelli – See link updated in October 2018

Neighborhood Markets

Local Market – Via IV Novembre – Open on Saturday 07.00 / 13.00

Local Market – S. Lucia – Via Lago di Como – Open on Thursday 07.30 / 13.00

Consumer Services

National Headquarters – Via Duilio, 13 – 00192 Rome – Tel. 06 3234616

See link

 Women’s Shelter

There are no Anti-violence Centers

 Fire Fighters

Fire Brigade – Tel. 115

REGIONAL OPERATING ROOM: Toll-free number Tel. 803555


There are no Carabinieri Command

Single telephone for emergencies 112


There is no Cemetery

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